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Together we help our community grow stronger

Since 2015, the Hatfield Construction name has been synonymous with quality and service. As a solid name in the concrete business, we value building on a firm foundation—no cutting corners.

Hatfield Construction, LLC

Hatfield Construction, LLC takes pride in its concrete services over the years. We are committed to delivering the highest quality service to our customer’s so that they received the highest in satisfaction.

Cindy L. Hatfield

CEO of Hatfield Construction, LLC

Cindy L. Hatfield, proudly founded her company in 2015. After many hours of hard work & perseverance, Cindy proved and earned her spot in the industry for consistently delivering quality service in a timely fashion

Contact info
office: 423-365-5143
cell: 423-223-6849
email: cindy@hatfieldsconstruction.com

Management Team

Brian C. Hatfield
Contact info
office: 423-365-5143
cell: 423-223-8624
email: brian@hatfieldsconstruction.com

Justin T. Freeman
office: 423-365-5143
cell: 423-463-5668
email: Justin@hatfieldsconstruction.com

Alex Reed
Safety Representative
Contact info
office: 423-365-5143
cell: 931-510-0615
email: Alex@hatfieldsconstruction.com

Austin D. Litton
office: 423-365-5143
cell: 865-466-8055
email: Austin@hatfieldsconstruction.com

Joseph T. Young
office: 423-365-5143
cell: 865-403-9059
email: joe@hatfieldsconstruction.com